My First Sit And Pop

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I’ve never blown a balloon and sat on it to pop it! I start off with a red balloon, blow it up nice and big, tie it off, and place it underneath me. I bounce on it repeatedly, quickly and hard, but can’t get it to pop, and the anticipation is me! I re-position myself, and finally it pops, and my butt lands on the floor. Next, I blow and bounce on a pink balloon, as it begins to shape shift–becoming thinner and longer at one end. I had no idea it was about to pop! It pops, making a loud sound, and shreds going flying everywhere.

The more balloons I do, the more comfortable I get, and I find myself bouncing on the balloons even harder. They pop so loud underneath me. I blow up orange, blue, and green balloons, and bounce on them until they pop. Some of them shape shift, but some pop fast. I pull down my straps, and eventually take off my bra–bouncing hard and fast until they finally pop. I can’t help but smile at how much fun I am having. The green balloon is taking a while to pop. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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