Topless B2P Shiny Neon Balloons

$4.99 $4.49

minutes: 4


I start blowing up a neon orange balloon, wearing only designer jeans, and continue to blow it until it pops. The bigger the balloon gets, the harder it is to keep the air in, and I struggle to blow harder, as the air comes back at me. The balloon is huge, and it could pop at any second! The anticipation is me! It pops, and shatters everywhere. It is so loud!

I continue to blow up neon green, yellow, and pink balloons until they are so big that they pop. I have no idea when they will burst, but I keep blowing them until there is a loud explosion! One puff, at any moment, can make them pop. I close my eyes, waiting for them to pop, but can never guess when it will shatter! It takes me by surprise, every time, and I can’t help but smile!

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