The Day I Became My Wife

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Brad is on one of his usual business trips. Frustrated with his work, he argues with his wife, Veronica, claiming that she doesn’t pull her weight around the house. Veronica tries to defend herself, but Brad doesn’t budge. Now upset with her husband, Veronica tells him that she needs to go to bed because she has a job interview in the morning.

The next morning Brad wakes up and brushes all the hair that’s covering his face. He mumbles to himself, curious as to why there’s all this hair on his face, then leans up and feels something on his chest. He touches it, and feels what he thinks are boobs. He rushes to the mirror and sees his wife’s reflection. Brad says to himself, “Honey, why am I back in my house? And why do I feel boobs on my chest? What the hell is going on?” He starts to walk away, but glances back at the mirror. He starts to move his hands and touch himself. Finally convinced, he realizes that he has turned into his wife.

Brad rushes to his cell phone to call Veronica. He argues with her, trying to figure out who did what, but realizes that arguing is pointless. Since there is nothing they can do, they agree that they have to deal with living each other’s lives for the day. Brad explains to Veronica about his business meeting, and Veronica explains to Brad about her job interview. Brad hangs up the phone knowing he has to do this interview for his wife. After all, this is important to her, and he loves her.

The first thing Brad does is think about what his wife would do to get ready. He tries to get in her mindset, to fully become Veronica, and it hits him. Makeup. She would do her makeup first. Veronica, who is actually Brad, goes to the bathroom and puts on makeup like a seven year old k1d who is fooling around, not knowing any different. Convinced he looks great, he sees himself and says, “I can’t wear this to my job interview.”

Veronica goes to the closet and sees tons of clothing. He tries on a few different outfits until he finds something that he thinks looks good, but in reality is something you would never wear to a job interview. Then he remembers that women wear high heels, and sees all the different heels in the closet. Veronica (Brad) picks out some five inch heels, and struggles to put them on but eventually gets it on. He stands up and falls straight to the floor. Still determined to make it to the job interview, he stands up holding onto a wall in the bedroom, then lets go once he gets his balance. After getting some balance, he stumbles around, and his legs start to shake like he’s standing on stilts.

He says to himself, “This is going to be harder than I thought,” and continues to practice, walking and stumbling around. He almost falls, but catches himself, and stumbles his way to the kitchen where Veronica’s papers are for the interview. With papers in hand, he eventually stumbles his way out to her car.

Brad gets to the place where the interview is taking place and stumbles out of the car. He tries to get himself together as he watches other women walk gracefully in their heels. Once he gets to the front door, a gentleman opens the door, and Brad falls straight to the ground. Worried, the gentleman asks if she’s alright. Embarrassed, Brad answers yes, and the gentleman offers a hand. Once she is up, the gentleman sees Veronica’s makeup, hair, and outfit, and tells her it’s “interesting.”

He proceeds to have her follow him to a room where he tells her to make herself comfortable. He then tells her that he will be right back once he gets his paperwork. Veronica stumbles to a seat and sits down like a man. She complains to herself, talking about how embarrassing it was having everybody look at her. She wonders how women can walk so gracefully with their heels.

The gentleman returns, and is quickly embarrassed as he sees Veronica’s open legs. She apologizes, blushing, and they proceed to the interview. Veronica stumbles through the interview badly, and the interviewer says that she seemed like a completely different person the last time they spoke. Desperate for the job, Veronica tries to seduce the gentleman, which only causes the gentleman to get upset. He tells her that he will review the rest of her resume and get back to her. Veronica panics, knowing she’s messed up, and tries to beg for the job. She quickly gets up to follow the gentleman, but falls straight to the floor.

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