Trailers will be restored ASAP

Hey everybody, Aiden Valentine here!

As you may have noticed, the trailers are not loading. The vendor providing the tech for the trailers had notified us they didn’t allow pornography (not much of a surprise there) and gave us this 10/30 day notice:


I must have read it wrong and thought the content would be deleted after 30 days, but apparently it was only the 10.

Regardless, I’ve already been coding the new system for our trailers which is based off open source code and my own, and is hosted on our servers.

Which means we now own and host 100% of the codebase for, and this 3rd-party service B.S. shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

Sorry for the service interruption. The new code will be tested and deployed by the end of the week. 😎

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  1. Interesting Post! thanks!

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