Open-Source Video Transcoding Software: Speed up your Video Distribution Workflow

Today, I’m publishing our Serverless video transcoding service as Open Source Software.

Download the Software: XXXM – Transcoding Workflow


Video Rendering Takes Too Long

One of the first challenges I came across as a porn producer was dealing with video files. After learning which formats should I sell my videos, I had to use my laptop to compress the videos into smaller files for my customers. My laptop was literally rendering files out 24/7, and each file would take up to 8 hours!

I had to use my laptop for other things. To upload files with FTP, editing porn videos, and the other things that come along with the job.

By coding this service I reduced our video transcoding times to just 20 Minutes per project.

Contact the Developer

Aiden Valentine
Aiden Valentine

Need Help? Just ask!

DM @Aiden_Valentine if you have any questions.

Or email: [email protected]

What does it do?

To sum it up, this software liberates your computer(s) from the entire video compressing process. Now you may use your computer for other things! Easy, right? And better yet, it’s sends all the files to your cloud storage account using the Serverless Framework.

The software manages the rendering process. Converting your video masters into different file formats for your distributors.

Control the preset profiles to create multiple versions for each of your clips. If you sell 4K, HD, SD, and Mobile versions of your videos, just create a transcoding preset for it.

It has a configurable filter to detect trailer, video, Teaser, DVD and other types of files.

Yeah, but how do I use this software?

Documentation is under construction, but there is some in code docs and the code commit history to read.

If you’re able to use it, go for it! I just wanted to publish the source code for the people our there that are like me.

Video Transcoding Documentation

It’s pretty complicated, I’ll be honest. You definitely need to know Javascript, Node.js, YAML, Serverless and Cloud Architecture.

You can email me directly to ask any questions: [email protected]

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