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Today I’m releasing my source code for an artificial intelligence powered product summarizer for WooCommerce. It can be run from a local computer using Node.js. For production workflows it is ready to be deployed to the cloud using Serverless.

Short Description Summarizer for WooCommerce (powered by A.I.)

I had to make a decision, whether I should spend God-knows-how-many hours writing a short 2-4 sentence summaries for all my products, or spend time coding this microapp and letting an A.I. create the short descriptions for me. The choice was easy; I can code, I love building things, and deep down I’m lazy! If I can build something to automate a task; that’s less time & energy I need to spend on something painfully repetitive. Which means more time for producing porn, editing videos, and doing other things which actually matter!


The Proof is In the Results

It took about 30 minutes for my A.I. software to write short descriptions for 700+ XXX Multimedia videos.

Why give it away for free?

I personally believe we need to build a culture of collaboration within the porn industry. We’re all in this business, and the competition amongst fellow producers, models, pornstars, etc. is healthy to a certain extent. It drives us to become better producers, shoot better content, upgrade our equipment, etc. We focus on the competitive element so much that there’s a deficit of people in the adult business giving back to our community. I’m leading by example, and hoping others will benefit from my knowledge, experience, and tools that I’ve created during my time as a porn producer.

I’ve already published some of our internal software, which I’ve personally developed, as Open-Source. Most recently my open source video transcoding software, for producers which would like to take the pain away from rendering off videos on their own PCs.

I know a lot of my tools are for software developers, and too complicated for the layman. However, shoot me an email, DM me on Twitter @Aiden_Valentine, or hit me up at Fetishcon, AVN, or another industry convention; I’ll be glad to help you out!

I’ll be adding more useful WooCommerce tools to this Github repository as I write the documentation.

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