We’re on the Edge… Our Content Distribution Network

We’ve had several website design changes over the last month. In the background we’ve been doing a lot of work too. Under the hood, a lot goes on when running a site of this scale. We need multiple servers around the globe to provide the best possible user experience to our visitors. This all start with having a good hosting provider to begin with.

From there, we distribute our content globally to meet the modern demands of running an adult website. Ping, latency, bandwidth, and page load speed are all important factors of running a website. After all, nobody likes a slow page!


StackPath CDN
StackPath Geographical PoPs

We’re moving a lot of data; a whole bunch of data.

cdn bandwidth usage
CDN Provider 1 – Week 1 Bandwidth Usage

We can’t use just one datacenter; we’ve tried. So we’ve optimized the edge of our network. We’ve got 45 PoPs (which means “Point-of-Presence” AKA datacenter) through our first provider, and 165 PoPs available with our 2nd provider. You are currently connected to our PoPs geographically closest to your computer or smartphone.

We have a few different CDNs for different types of content.

  1. A typical CDN for static assets, such as javascript, stylesheets, and small images used in our website template.
  2. A CDN for uploads. These are files which have been uploaded by a user.
  3. A CDN for our streaming/progressive video edge servers. These are used on our individual product pages for a release’s trailer video.

By combining these services together we reduce latency for our users, and distribute the server load, and bandwidth geographically across all the PoPs available in our network.

cloudflare cdn network map
Cloudflare Geographical PoPs

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