Trailers Back Online: Or one of your MistServer instances has been turned off

Sorry for the brief outage on the trailers this week. A software licensing issue caused the outage, which has now been resolved. We we’re not aware of the issue until about an hour ago. Thanks for your patience!

Update: We heard from the third-party developers’ CEO & CTO. Will update when we have news on this matter.

Update 2: We’ve updated our in-house solution to replace the third-party server in question. We deployed the beta version to our app servers yesterday and have begun migrating the trailers to the new system. Please report any bugs you see

Update 3 [2/7/2018]: MistServer shut off our server again, although we are licensed until February 21st, 2019.

“I will make sure everything stays online at least for the next month.
If we need more time to get to an agreement, that period can be extended as well. That way there is no time pressure either.” – MistServer CTO

Update 4 [2/7/2018]: MistServer CTO says our server should still be licensed until February 21st, 2019 as promised in the emails. However the server went down in our datacenter a couple days ago.

Although it is still licensed, we officially shut down the server today. As of this update — 45 trailers are online.


Email #1

Email #2

2nd Email — Still didn’t see their email.

Email #3

3rd Email – Again, didn’t see it.

Email #4

Email #5-8

Email #9-11

8 of those “One of your MistServer instances has been turned off” emails later — We reply. But still didn’t see the original 3 emails from the CEO.

Email #12

CTO talks to us about upgrading our license from a $10/mo. license to a commercial license (Typically ~$2900/mo.).

Email #13

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