Web Scraping For Fun and Profit

The Good

It’s fast, and automated. A good starting point for importing your content into a CMS, such as WordPress.

The Bad

Two words — Duplicate content. Plagiarism isn’t just something that’ll get you in trouble with your professors, it’ll get you in trouble with Google. Search engines love good, unique content. Each time you create a copy of the content on another site, you devalue the original page. More importantly, any website you post it to with a higher domain authority than your own can easily outrank the original page in the SERPs.

Cross-posting your content to clip stores, distributors, and tube sites should be the cornerstone of any porn business strategy. By doing so, we create additional copies of the original content on those domains. This is also why clip stores are strict about having multiple copies of videos on their servers.

Don’t worry, there things you can do to fix that. Firstly, try not to create too many versions of the original content — not at the same time. Imagine this, you distribute to your paysite, clip store #1, clip store #2, and clip store #3. Now you have four versions of more-or-less the same content.

Rule #1

Always post to your own website first. Google uses the post’s publication/indexing date as a factor when ranking duplicate content in the SERPs.

The Ugly

So you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your site and collecting data. For those of you who don’t, do a quick search for “how to install Google Analytics“.

Now that you’re back, lets get into it — this is where it gets ugly. Data science is as much of an art as it is a science.

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