Should I Disavow Toxic Backlinks?

Yes, you should. This is why…

disvow toxic backlinks google analytics example
Google Analytics after cleaning up a client’s toxic backlinks from Gay, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Spam, and other Low Quality/Toxic websites.

As you can see in the example above — once the toxic backlinks were disavowed Google and SERPS ranks began to bounce back within a day. So did the client’s conversion rate for search engine traffic.

Backlinks to your site send a “trust signal” from the linking site. It’s part of your website’s “neighborhood.” Make sure to maintain a good neighborhood, and remove any bad neighbors by disavowing the URL or domain of the linking website. Toxic links inbound and outbound from your site will affect your neighborhood, so keep that in mind. Don’t link to spammy sites, and don’t let them link to you!

So make sure you’re using some kind of SEO software to analyze your backlinks, such as SEMRush or AHREFS. You never know what you’ll find!

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