Naomi’s Body

It took Jake only about half an hour to get used to his new pussy, and even less to appreciate his new tits. He had not realized how cumbersome having a cock is until his new pussy came along. Everything was better-well, maybe not peeing but jerking off was soooo much more satisfying.

His body wracked in waves of spasms as he approached climax. His hands darted in and out of his pussy faster, more frantically. He was a surfer and with each stroke, he was cresting closer to the top of the wave. And then the moment came. His legs buckled under him as he experienced his very first orgasm as a female.

He crashed to the ground and the craasshh of wood on tiled floor told him that so did the shelf behind him. His body was in wracks of pleasure. The room was not much to look at but then, so were all mall changing rooms. The floor to ceiling mirror made it even smaller by revealing the rows of clothes behind. The face staring back at him was his brother’s friend’s girlfriend’s and the fucked-upness of the situation made him even hornier. He had always wanted to fuck her and now by finger-fucking himself in her body, he felt a heightened sense of ‘Mission Accomplished’.

As he rubbed his nipples, he could feel the walls of his vagina clench all over again. Damn! So this is how easy it is to get a girl going?

Minutes ago, he had been a jean-wearing, rap-singing teenage boy experimenting with a gender swap drug.

“It’s a 50-50, man.” The wry peddler had told him but to the desperate teen, a 50% chance of anything is a success to him. Sleep came and when his eyes fluttered open, the ceiling he saw was not his room’s and the Britney Spears posters on the wall told him the mission was accomplished.

In minutes, the floor of the bedroom had become a pile of coloured dresses and gowns as he tried on everything in her closet. He looked absolutely stunning in this body and the mirror confirmed this.

When he stepped out to the store, it was with a low-cut blouse that revealed the entire top of his breasts. He did not wear a bra but and the jean shorts he wore were hiked high enough to reveal the outline of his ass. And so he trotted; tits up, ass out.

When he stood up from the floor of the changing room, his fingers were moist with pussy juice. He slipped them in his mouth and sucked on the wet sweetness. He moaned even louder as he slipped another finger into his pussy.

Jake wanted more, he needed to explore everything in this banging hot body.

Now, time to fuck his brother’s friend in his new body!

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