VIP Membership Update – Week Two

So last week we launched our VIP membership program for subscribers. The technology and code that went into this system is great. We are very confident in this new service offering — and our subscribers love it!

Bug Report

That being said we did come across a small bug in the configuration. Members can access our site from several domain names — not just For instance, also points to our site.

The Problem

Users which sign up for our VIP membership plan will not be rebilled on their rebill date — and will have their subscription suspended once their trial or current billing cycle ends.

How to Fix

  • Users should sign up for our VIP membership service directly from to avoid this issue.
  • Manually extend/renew your subscription if you prefer to use our other domain names.

The Plan

We will be addressing this issue throughout the week until we find an adequate, long-term solution. We will roll-out a patch this week and update the blog again once it’s fixed. Until then please use the fixes detailed earlier in this post.

Thank you for your cooperation

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