(3/19/2022) Tampa Club Prana and Shula Burger in SOHO – Best Burger in Tampa – YBOR Nightlife

Anastasia Valentine and Aiden start the night off by going to Shula Burger in SOHO. Our internet has been out for a week so we’ve been out exploring Tampa together a bit instead of working.
Let me say this Shula Burger has the best burgers I’ve ever had in Tampa. My girlfriend goes to this vegan place in the same building and I’m so glad I stopped by today. You’ve gotta try their chipotle mayo — it’s so sweet, like whipped cream practically. And their SWEET POTATO FRIES! Those were awesome. And the price wasn’t too bad — a bout $14 for my meal I think. So try something different and give Shula Burger a try if you’re in Tampa, FL.

And tonight at Club Prana was amazing. Anastasia and I were getting compliments from so many people there. Someone thought I was trying to dress up like Logic cause of my NASA flightjacket — but I actually just love space stuff. And we had girls asking to take pictures with us there. I’d love to be there when they realize we’re actually internet celebrities, haha. One day they’ll figure out where we look familiar from.

We forgot to pay for parking so we had to dip out of Club Prana early or we would have stayed longer. Fortunately they hadn’t towed my car!
I used to go out to nightclubs 2-3 nights a week up in Cincinnati, OH and Club Prana is definitely a big step up from those clubs I went to before. I wish my friend was still a bouncer there so he’d get us in for free.

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