(3/23/2022) Anniversary Date on Helicopter – Tour of Tampa, Florida Sunset w/ FlyVenture

For our date night Anastasia Valentine and I took a sunset tour of Tampa, Florida. It was both of our first times being in a helicopter. We got to drink champagne to toast to ourselves then get taken up in the air. The drinks definitely made the ride funner.
The buildings and ground are actually a lot closer than they appear in the video, the wide angle of the GoPro lens affects it.
The sunset was absolutely amazing to watch from the helicopter. I can’t wait to take a tour of Vegas in a helicopter next!
Best anniversary ever. Then once we got home we exchanged gifts with eachother. I bought her some stuff from Victoria’s Secret because every girl needs a VS set. And she got me some gear for my GoPro, cologne — Armani Code which smells absolutely amazing by the way, it’s highly recommended by men & women everywhere, and for a good reason. Armani Code is a great addition to any man’s cologne collection. And lastly Anastasia bought me PreSonus Eris studio monitors for my studio, to help with the sound design. I blew out my last studio monitors by cranking the volume all the way up and jamming to music for too long.
Thanks Anastasia Valentine ❤️ I love you, and happy anniversary!

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