(3/26/2022) St Pete, FL Fairgrounds – Escape Reality Art Exhibit

Today we were going to go to the Tampa Renaissance Faire but we only got finished getting dressed at like 3pm and would only have like 2 hours at the faire, and was 1.5 hours from us. Instead we went to the St Petersburg, FL Fairgrounds, which was only 3 miles from us. I had seen a good pamphlet of it the last time we were at Johns Pass.

It was like $25/person for entry and you can explore as long as you like. We spend about 2 hours at Fairgrounds, the first hour filming the vlog. And then we went through a second time and took some pictures at our favorite exhibits.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re in St Petersburg or visiting Tampa. It’s quite a cool exhibit and the artists are very talented. My favorite exhibit would have to be the UFO inside it — it reminds me of the inside of the Doctor Who Tartis. There’s all kinds of buttons and knobs to press, some of them speak words as your press them too. I also really like the futuristic, cyberpunk dinosaur head — which was featured on the cover of their Escape Reality pamphlet.

The lighting is cool too — lots of UV blacklights, neon signs, neon paint, colored lights — so bring some neon clothes with you if you want some extra fun while you’re there.

For our next big adventure, we’re gonna go to the Renaissance Faire in Tampa next weekend. Watch some shows there, get some food, and do some activities like axe-throwing or archery. You’ll find it on on Vlog next weekend!

❤️ Anastasia Valentine and Aiden Valentine

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