• Steps​î​s​t​e​r Gets Fucked Behind Her Parents’ Back

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    You’re always going to be my little stepb​r​ot​h​e​r, no matter what happens…. I want you to cum inside of me…please. It’s going to keep us closer together…. Oh god, I can feel your cum inside of me…

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  • Closet Bound: POV Rope Bondage Blowjob

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    As she coughs from deepthroating his cock, he continues to jam his cock into her mouth. The makeup around her eyes is running down her cheeks. She begins running her tongue and mouth over his cock on her own, attempting to please her master.

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  • Stepdâughter Needs Her Filthy Mouth Cleaned: Mouthsoaping and BJ Punishment

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    Stepd​â​d a confused look, and he proceeds to explain that whores have filthy mouths because they’re always sucking cock. He drags her down to the floor, firmly gripping her ear, and orders her to take off his pants. Fifi is hesitant, but Stepd​â​d commands her to suck his cock.

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  • The Ladies Man: Gender Swap Transformation

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    Panicked, he walks to his closet, opens the door, and looks into the mirror. “I’m fucking hot…” He touches his lips and eyelashes, then runs his fingers down his long hair. He takes his boxers off, and looks over his body. He squeezes his ass, smacks it, and moans, excited at how hot it sounds. Aiden is overwhelmed, happy to have such a nice, new tight body. Overjoyed, he laughs, and continues touching himself, “Is it weird if I’m, like, turning myself on? Fuck, is this really me?… Would it be fucked up if I touched myself? Like, got myself off?…”

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  • Camgirl Weight Gain Progression: POV Facestuffing and Weigh-In Sessions

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    My god, I look huge! I can’t believe I’ve gained that much weight. God, look at these rolls… I can’t believe how many rolls there are. All this fat on my sides… Wow. I bet you wanna see me on the scale, don’t you? I have no idea how much I could have gained. Okay, I’m going to get on it for you.

    So, I think last time I weighed, let me see… There’s no way that’s right… What’s that… That’s another 15 pounds… No, let me try without my shoes. I’ve gained like, 25, 30 pounds total. I need to hurry up. I can’t believe how huge I am. I don’t know if I can hide another 25 pounds… 25, 30 pounds, it has to be. I can’t believe that.

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  • Corrupted Chip Implant Prô​grams Female Doctor Into A Porn Robot

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    Once he’s seen enough, Aiden attempts to remove the malfunctioning chip. He reaches for it, but accidentally short circuits it as he does. “Error, error, error, error.” Dr. Foxx gets up and begins to malfunction. Her words are repeated, “Mal- mal- mal- mal- malfunction.”

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  • boss employee roleplay

    Assisting the Boss

    $13.99 22:04

    I know, I know. Listen, I’m really sorry. Please, I know I can be a better assistant.

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  • Expensive Hooker Humiliates You For Premature Ejaculation

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    You’re not new to the whole hooker experience–in fact, you’re quite familiar with it. You’ve had your fair share of cheap hookers, so you thought you might enjoy something different, something more expensive. She turns around to greet you, shaking your hand, and introduces herself as Fifi.

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  • Business Trip Hooker: The Condom Ripped!

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    …It’s broken!… There’s no cum in your condom. I’m not on birth control or anything. I just– I just use condoms. You just– Do you realize that I’m going to be pregnant? I’m a hooker! You can’t get a hooker pregnant.

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  • Stepd​ad’s Little Sinner, Corrupting My Preacher Stepf​a​t​h​er

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    I guess I should start off by saying that my stepd​â​d and I are totally different. He’s the preacher at a church, and well, I guess you could call me a “bad girl”. It’s funny watching him struggle to even say “orally pleasuring” in a sentence.

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  • I Just Need You, Stepdâddy

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    A while ago, before I went to college, the door was open to my parents’ room. I walked past, and saw my mom lying there, completely naked. I couldn’t stop from staring at his huge cock, and I felt so wrong doing it, but it made me wet the moment I saw it.

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  • Stepd​​â​​ddy, Say Yes, Just This One Time

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    Dad is getting ready for bed when he hears yelling from outside his room, “God, Mom — you’re such a bitch! You never let me do anything I wanna do!” The door slams, and his sister, Fifi, barges into his bedroom. She is frantic, and angry at Mom, so he asks her what’s wrong, “Dad — Mom never lets me do what I want!

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