Limp Fetish

  • Son’s Secret

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    Aiden changes the channel on his TV, then sits back to relax. “You didn’t clean up anything I asked you to,” she says barging into his room. As she rants and rages, she looks down and is horrified to see a pack of cigarettes lying on her son’s desk.

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  • Sleeping Sisters

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    It’s getting late and sisters, Gia and Fifi, are getting ready for bed. “Hey, Aiden…something’s going on with Gia and Fifi, I can’t wake them up,” Nicky says to his brother. The two brothers decide to go together to check up on their sisters.

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  • The Curvy, Busty, Limp Neighbor

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    “Come in!” Aiden hollers out at the person knocking on his front door. His busty, gorgeous neighbor, Gia, walks inside with a handful of his mail. “Oh hey – I got some of your mail, so I decided to come over here and give it to you,” she says handing him the stack.

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  • Too Much to Drink

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    Nyxon and her friend, Luna, laugh obnoxiously after downing a whole bottle of Jägermeister. After seeing the empty, green, glass bottle on the nightstand, Aiden decides he better take some good pictures in case he wants something in the future. He slings the girls around like rag dolls, manipulating and moving their limbs, moving their heads from side to side, laying their bodies on top of one another, and groping their perky tits.

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  • The Hand Over Mouth Procedure II: It’s Natural to Struggle

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    According to my papers, he came in for a semen extraction, and as he made himself comfortable, I explained the procedure. He raised his brows as I mentioned chl0roform. I demonstrated on myself, explaining that I would pour some onto a rag, and then hold the rag over his mouth and nose.

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  • The Bound Detective

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    Without the station’s knowledge, Detective Foxx has decided to take matters into her own hands. She knows her suspect is guilty, and she stops before his house, “I guess this is the place.” Before entering, she looks around the gate, calling for him, but gets no response. “Let me go right now!” He violently pulls her head towards him, “You’re gonna suck my fucking cock.”

    She cries and shouts at him, but he ignores her and undresses himself.

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  • Harley Quinn and the Henchman vs Bat Girl: Brainwashing and Controlling the Bat

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    This clip is PACKED with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. Harley Quinn whispers to her henchman, “I think she’s here.” She watches as Bat Girl enters through a window, unknowingly falling into her trap. “Come on, stupid!” Harley yells.

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  • Forced Anal on Virgin Asshole (Real First Time Anal)

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    Fifi stays on a routine schedule. When she’s done working, she goes out to a local park to exercise and jog. After a tiring workout, she comes home to see her roommate standing in front of her.

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  • The Hand Over Mouth Procedure

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    Those samples are taken for whatever reason the patient may need it for. My job, however, is not to worry about the reason, but to collect the sample. I have them lie down, and then restrain their arms before beginning the anesthesia.

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  • Limp Authority: Controlling My Daughter

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    It wasn’t…right for me to take this type of drastic measure with my daughter. I just wanted her to listen to me. Now that my daughter is getting older, she has become disobedient and out of control.

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  • Taboo Sex: Taking Advantage of My Mom and Sister

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    I try to be a pretty good brother. My mom has a bad habit of taking my sister out drinking. She reeked.

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  • The Blond Knockout

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    Instead of joining the party outside, Fifi has decided to sit by herself, and enjoy some of the refreshments provided by the hosts. She likes her own company, but is soon joined by an older woman who finds her extremely attractive. She smiles at the blond, introducing herself as Leilani, and makes small talk, leaving Fifi shy and awkward.

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