Older Woman Younger Man

  • Family Night Foot Fetish Confessions

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    Mom, daughter, and son all relax on the couch watching TV together. “You should rub my feet,” Mom says to her son, Nicky, and plops her tiny, size 6 feet on his lap. Since Mom always has someone giving her a foot massage, it’s not a big deal, but when Nicky starts doing it, his sister, Fifi, notices he’s really into it.

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  • The Medicine Mix-up

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    “Honey, honey…” Mom knocks on your door and bursts into your room. Your eyes are still squinty, and you pathetically motion with your hand for her to leave. She makes you swallow it in front of her, tongue out and all, and then smiles proudly at you.

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  • Drunk Mom & Sister Share Your Cock

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    You are about to shut your eyes when you hear a hard slam against your bedroom door. Your mom and sister stagger in, giggling to themselves in a drunken manner.

    “Guys, I’m trying to sleep. Before you can react, she slides her hand over your hard cock.

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  • My Mom is an Escort!

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    My dick was hard, I needed someone to get me off, and the last thing I wanted was some crazy bitch showing up at my place. “Mom. This was a bad time for her to show up unannounced, but Mom kept acting like she was supposed to be there.

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  • Money Hungry Whores

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    “Hey, son…I need to have a talk with you,” Mom’s tone was serious as she sat down on the couch with me. My sister had barged into my room, begging for money to go out with her friends. “Well then, I guess you guys are going to suck my cock,” I said.

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  • Mom is Wasted on My Cock

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    I like to consider my mom a pretty classy woman. She’s conservative, well-kept, and hell, she could even qualify as a MILF. She takes care of herself, has bleach blond hair, big pink lips, and a pretty nice bod.

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  • Mom’s Erotic Photoshoot: Spread Eagle Edition

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    This clip offers a very intimate, sensual, and erotic moment between mother and son. I’ve been a single mom ever since the divorce with my husband. Now that he was older, I felt like it was time for me to get back into the swing of things.

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  • Busted!: Fucking My Horny, Jealous Mom

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    As I grew older, I found myself attracted to my step-sister, and whenever we had the chance, we would sneak off to have quick, heated moments, and then we would have to pretend nothing happened. I don’t know how it really started, or what caused it to happen, but we often found ourselves on each other’s bodies, moaning with pleasure until we both got off. We were relieved to hear that she was finally going out on a date night with Dad.

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  • The Perfect Love Triangle of a Nuclear Family

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    This clip explores the idea of a very loving, supportive, and caring relationship between mother, sister, and you. It redefines the ideal image of a family, allowing the nuclear family to be in love, and thus creating a love triangle between its members. Mom spent private time with both of you, building and raising the perfect love triangle of a family.

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  • Prom Night: An Intimate, Romantic Date Night for Mom and Son

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    It was prom night, and my sweet boy was nervous. He was smiling the whole time, excited to finally take out his little high school crush. I helped him with his tie, fixed his collar.

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  • Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

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    My mom is a total whore. I didn’t always think of her like that, but she’s really pissed me off this time. He had no idea any of this was going on.

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  • Imposed Sex: My Son Took Advantage of Me

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    I’m terrified. It wasn’t always like this…honestly. My son has been getting to a point where he comes home almost blackout drunk.

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