Akira Shell

  • The Valentine’s Day Body Swap – Akira Shell and Aiden Valentine

    $1.99$9.99 9:58

    It was Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d have a little fun with my sister…as my sister. I had bought a cheap post card, scribbled on a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and then laid down a piece of candy on it that said “Eat me.”

    Simple and easy. Her mood changed as she saw that she had a “secret admirer,” and she started smiling at the half-assed card.

    “Ooooo, I’ve got some pervy secret admirer that snuck into my room,” she said as she unwrapped the candy.

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  • The Pleasures of Pantyhose: Pussy Eating with My Girlfriend

    Sale! $15.99 $14.99 15:16

    My girlfriend and I share a unique fetish. We love the feel of thick pantyhose on our bodies, but better yet, feeling it on one another’s body. I ran my fingers down her hose, and softly brushed my fingertips across her pussy.

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