Alexis Rain

  • Husband to Wife MTF Gender Transformation and Fucked with a Strapon

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    “Why are the dishes not done?” Alexis says to her husband, Aiden, who has been sitting on the computer for hours. Alexis is tired of her husband’s lazy behavior, and even more fed up with cleaning up after a grown man. “The kitchen is a mess.” In an attempt to defend himself, Aiden rants about how hard it is to work so many hours, and then eventually says, “You have no idea how hard it is to be a guy.” Alexis follows up with the same argument, and Aiden argues it’s easy to be a woman, and after a minute or so, Alexis gets mad and walks out.

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  • Girlfriend’s Face Licking Torture

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    Alexis is tired of her boyfriend, Aiden, hogging up the TV. She grabs the remote from him, and they begin fighting over which channel they’re going to watch.

    Alexis gets the upper hand, pinning him down, but instead of just grabbing the remote, she spits on his face. She slides her juicy, thick tongue all over his face, glazing it with her gross, smelly saliva.

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  • Alexis vs. Aiden

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    After winning a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors, Aiden is feeling pretty cocky and confident. “That was a game of chance,” Alexis tells him. “I bet you I could put some strength in it and beat you with my skills.”

    Accepting the challenge of an armwrestling match, Aiden compares his arms to Alexis’ big biceps.

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  • The New Me: Male to Female Transformation

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    I wasn’t happy. It was easy.

    I went to bed, hopeful and eager for this new product to work, and closed my eyes. I assumed I had slept in a weird position, and it took me a minute to stretch out.

    I pulled down the covers, and saw what, I thought, looked like two big mounds in front of me.

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  • Blackmailed by the Boss

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    “Sorry for showing up to your house like this,” he explains, “but I had something very important to discuss with you.” He shows her a set of files that prove 4000 dollars have been taken from the company’s tax accounts.

    “Do you know what happened to that money?” he asks. Surprised that she actually got caught, Alexis explains how she needed the money for her high rent, amongst other expensive bills.

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  • The Fitness Trainer’s New Workout: Stroking Your Cock

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    You have the hots for your fitness trainer. It’s hard to direct your attention to her instruction when you’re letting your eyes wander up and down her flawless body. When she warms up with stretches, it’s easy to take quick peeks at her perfect body.

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  • Alexis Rain’s Fit, Toned, Muscular Body

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    Alexis Rain has a gorgeous, solid body. You can’t shift your eyes from her as she works out right in front of you, doing push-ups in a little, pink thong. Alexis smiles, and continues to show you her muscular abs and her perfect v-line.

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  • Password or Pass out?

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    Aiden can’t figure out why a gorgeous girl like Alexis has been spending her time with him. She tugs gently at the collar of his shirt, attempting to seduce him into some information about his work. When seduction no longer works, Alexis decides to take a different approach.

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  • The Burglar Knockout

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    Alexis runs into the room, and locks his head between her muscular arms. “Do you know who I am?” she asks the terrified burglar. She tells him that, instead of calling the cops, she plans to fuck him up herself.

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  • The Fat Fitness Trainer: Fattening and Force-Feeding the Lazy Client

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    I hired a personal trainer to help me stay in shape. I stopped going in for my weigh-ins and check-ups, so my trainer started coming to me. I was lying on the couch, relaxing, and drinking a soda when she came in.

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  • A One Night Stand: Body Swap MTF with a Stranger

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    I don’t remember much about last night. I ran my hands across the lacy, black bra and softly squeezed her tits. Why are you in my body?” she said.

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  • She-Hulk RAGE

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    Alexis is a huge fitness fanatic. Obsessed with getting the best body possible, she’s invested in some pills online that guarantee to give her the perfect, muscular body she desires. The pills have proven to work flawlessly, hyping her up at the gym, and making her feel like she can lift anything without restriction.

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