• Product Testing

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    Fifi has convinced her best friend, Constance, to participate in a clinical trial with her for some quick, easy, extra cash. After being called into the office, the researcher introduces himself to the two girls, shaking their hands, and begins explaining his product. Fifi smiles at Constance, telling her that she wants to pick the same formula as her since she isn’t sure how she’s going to react.

    After downing the whole test tube, the researcher begins jotting down any side effects that the women are experiencing.

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  • Get Naked…for the Environment

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    “Ugh, who is it?” Aiden says to himself as he walks to the front door. “Hi, I wanted to talk to you about global warming,” she begins saying, but Aiden is in no mood nor interested in what she has to say. He closes the door on her, but she wedges her clipboard into the crack to prevent him from closing it.

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  • Boss Punishes Whining Employees With Diaper Discipline

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    After one of the employees got a big promotion, the work place has been complete chaos. Two of the other employees, Constance and Fifi, have been causing drama, and have even gone as far as harassing their co-worker about his promotion.

    When their boss, Aiden, catches wind of the whole situation, he calls the two women into his office to discuss their behavior. However, rather than hear or believe anything their boss is telling them, the two women continue to whine and bitch.

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  • Exposed for Money

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    “Alright, come on…wakey, wakey,” the k1dnapper says to his new victim. He gently touches her face, and her eyes roll as she tries to regain composure. Her eyes widen as she sees the unfamiliar face in front of her, “What do you want?”

    She is terrified as he begins talking to the camera, telling Mom and Dad back home that he’s got their daughter.

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  • It’s Nothing Personal…Just Business

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    Aiden is foggy-headed when he wakes up to see he’s been bound to a cross. “My name’s Constance.” Confused and terrified, Aiden asks what she wants, and quickly finds out that Constance works for a rival company. Constance explains that, since she’s been watching him, she’s come to realize that his company has something far greater than her own.

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  • Magic Hands

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    However, she’s tired of not being in the spotlight when she thinks she’s beyond worthy. After several spins, the wand sparks and hits Constance’s hand, causing her to drop it. After a few seconds, her hands start moving out of her control.

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