Curvy Quinn

  • Curvy Quinn

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    So, I’ve been thinking…and I really want to get fatter. I know I’m pretty fat now, but I could easily get to 400 or 500. I want you to help me, to feed me…to the point where I can’t move off of this couch, to where I can’t see my feet anymore.

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  • Quinn Squashes Her Stealing, Lying Brother

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    “Where’s my phone?” Quinn asks her little brother as she barges through his bedroom door. Not only has Aiden stolen her phone, but he’s been going through it, telling Dad about Quinn’s provocative pictures.

    “You lost your phone?” he asks her, slowly slipping it underneath his blankets. After playing stupid for a minute while Aiden lies, Quinn gets frustrated, and grabs her brother’s legs and pulls him down.

    “Tell me where the phone is,” she says, putting all her weight down onto her tiny brother.

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  • Curvy Quinn

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    After enjoying a gigantic meal, Quinn lies in front of you with her big, bloated belly spilling onto the bed.

    She shows off how huge her soft belly has gotten by jiggling, squishing, squeezing, shaking, dropping, and slapping it. Quinn moves into different positions to show how low her belly hangs, and how much it spills over her red panties.

    Even with the slightest movement, Quinn attempts to catch her breath. She shows you exactly how big, soft, squishy, and fluffy her belly has grown.

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  • Fat Girls Tease You with Their Bodies

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    You work in an office where two chubbier girls work. You watch as Quinn plays with her big belly, and Fifi catches you staring. They show off their round, big bellies, and jiggle one another’s fat.

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  • Curvy Quinn

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    “My old shirt,” Quinn says, picking up her pink button-up shirt. I used to wear this all the time.” Excited that she’s found it again, she decides to wear it for the day. When she looks down, she notices a button has popped off just from her putting it on.

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  • Fat Like Me!: Sensual Force-Feeding for a Fatter Body

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    This clip offers a sensual encouragement and feeding to gain weight. “We’re going to get you nice and fat…just like me,” Quinn said, smiling. Quinn rubbed my stomach, “We want this belly to get nice and big.” She continued to feed me bite after bite, and I was already getting so stuffed.

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  • How Did We Get So Fat?

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    “Oh my god, I look a lot fatter,” I said, inspecting myself in the mirror. “Does it look like I gained weight?” My friend, Quinn, compared her big belly to mine, but to be perfectly sure, we needed to measure ourselves. Both of us had gained weight, and our bulging bellies spilled over the waistband of our panties.

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  • Curvy Quinn Stuffs Herself for a Bigger, Softer, Fatter Body

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    “Wow, this shirt is getting so small,” Quinn says to herself. She looks down to see the buttons struggling to hold her shirt together. “Ugh, I’m so fat,” she says, attempting to push down her smaller shirt.

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  • Curvy Quinn

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    This is Quinn’s first ever weigh-in and measurement clip. Ever since starting the industry in April five years ago, Quinn says she’s gotten a lot fatter. She drops her heavy belly, “I remember when it used to be so flat, and when I could see my feet.” She measures her belly, butt, chest, and thighs.

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