Fifi Foxx

  • Georgia & Fifi

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    Georgia & Fifi

    My friend, Georgia, and I have gotten so fat. Our big, soft bellies had begun to hang over our panties while we sat down, so we figured it might be time to step on the scale.

    Once we saw our weight, it was no surprise as to why we had gotten so pudgy and squishy everywhere. My chest had grown bigger, I had a bulging belly, and my butt had doubled in size.

  • The Magic Remote

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    The Magic Remote

    Aiden (POV) happily walks over to his sister, Fifi, and her best friend, Nyxon, complaining about the “valley girls” at their school. “Wanna see what it does?” he asks the two girls.

    Fifi responds with a snobby “No,” and the two girls continue their conversation, ignoring Aiden as he stands in front of them and waves his control.

  • Malfunctioning…Strippers?!

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    POV is the best man to his best friend’s wedding. Intending to give the groom a bachelor party to remember, he orders two strippers to dance for the group of boys.

    However, because POV is so determined to make sure everything goes perfect, he has the two ladies show up a week before the big party. “Mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-fun-ction,” Fifi stutters as her body moves uncontrollably.

  • The Perverted Couple

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    The Perverted Couple

    In a desperate attempt to find a good paying job, Alex has answered a babysitting ad posted by a married couple. Although she hasn’t had a job for a year, she is hopeful that her babysitting experience will be enough to get the gig.

    Unfortunately for Alex, the odd, married couple can hear the desperation in her voice and decide to take advantage of it – to prey upon it. Alex is hesitant when the couple tells her to take off her shirt, and she nervously covers up.

  • The Cannibalistic Sister

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    The Cannibalistic Sister

    “Hey, where you headed to?” Nyxon stops her sister, Fifi, as she comes out of her room. Since Nyxon has been living with her sister, she’s noticed that Fifi tends to date and bring in a lot of different guys, but they never stay around for long.

    “With a new guy. “He was boring, I got rid of him,” Fifi replies shrugging her shoulders.

    On top of Fifi having a lot of dates, Nyxon playfully points out her sister’s growing belly.

  • Foot Tickling Therapy Part 2

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    Foot Tickling Therapy Part 2

    After being knocked out, Fifi wakes up to her therapist, Whitney, finishing the hogtie that she’s been bound in. She panics, struggling to get free, but is helpless against the restraints.

    “Let me go,” Fifi desperately pleas, but the therapist decides to have some fun with her. Unable to control her deep tickling desires, Whitney begins softly tickling Fifi’s bare soles with her fingertips.

    Fifi bursts out into laughter, and Whitney continues to tickle the rest of her body.

  • Foot Tickling Therapy Part 1

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    Foot Tickling Therapy Part 1

    Whitney is a therapist who is treating a brand new patient, Fifi, today. Fifi is nervous as she enters her therapist’s office, but Whitney reassures that everything will be okay. Whitney begins testing out how ticklish Fifi is, running her fingertips against her toes and soles.

    Fifi bursts into laughter, and Whitney’s ill intentions start to come out.

  • The Intruder’s Frozen Dolls

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    The Intruder’s Frozen Dolls

    Fifi is having a girl’s night with her friend, Sammi. Too preoccupied with what she wants for dinner, Fifi neglects to see an intruder sneak into her house. “Get the fuck out of my house.” Sammi calls him a pervert which gives him the first target for his freeze ray.

  • Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

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    Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

    Fifi is a webcam model without her mom’s knowledge. Excited, Fifi pats the bed and tells her to come sit down.

    “And people are tipping us, so we’re making money!” Fifi explains to her mom. Mom shyly waves at the camera, and after a few seconds, one of Fifi’s chat room members wants a private.

  • Smoking Family: Mom Teaches Daughter How to Smoke

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    Smoking Family: Mom Teaches Daughter How to Smoke

    Leilani and her daughter, Fifi, are relaxing outside on a sunny day. Before Leilani lights up, she offers a cigarette to her daughter that’s never smoked before. Fifi declines, but when Mom peer pressures her into doing it, telling her it’ll make her “cool,” Fifi gives in.

    Leilani lights up her daughter’s cigarette and begins teaching her how to smoke properly.

  • An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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    An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    In an attempt to treat her stress, Fifi has decided to go to Dr. Lei takes Fifi back into her room, she is baffled to see a bed with four restraints. Lei smiles, explaining to her patient that, with the help of her little device, she will experience an orgasm or a number of orgasms that will help release her stress.

  • Shut Up!

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    Shut Up!

    It was a relaxing, lazy day, so Mom and I spent most of it playing a game of solitaire. “Mom, can you get me a drink?” my brother shouted from inside his room. After we couldn’t stand it anymore, Mom had an idea to get back at him.