Georgia Peach

  • Georgia Peach

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    Georgia Peach

    I’d love to make my body even more voluptuous with bigger and fuller tits. I’ve seen those enormous women that have these beautiful, huge thighs that rub together when they walk – it’s just so sexy. And those nice, pudgy, round, overflowing bellies – that’s the type of belly I want.

  • Our Fat Turns You On

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    Our Fat Turns You On

    Don’t be shy. Have you noticed something about us. Look at how big and fat we’ve gotten…how big our bellies have grown – all for you.

    Do you want to rub our big bellies. I know how you love to see us gain weight…to watch us get chubbier, to see our double chins.

  • Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain

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    Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain

    Georgia is excited to finally have some alone time with you. She smiles sweetly as she tells you all about the new lingerie she’s bought. “I just noticed that everything seems a little small…it seems to have a little bit of a spillage,” she says blushing.

    Georgia bounces up and down, showing off her overflowing body in her tight dress.

  • Georgia & Fifi

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    Georgia & Fifi

    My friend, Georgia, and I have gotten so fat. Our big, soft bellies had begun to hang over our panties while we sat down, so we figured it might be time to step on the scale.

    Once we saw our weight, it was no surprise as to why we had gotten so pudgy and squishy everywhere. My chest had grown bigger, I had a bulging belly, and my butt had doubled in size.