Ivy Davenport

  • Double Squashing the Roommate

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    Ivy and Wood are gorging with some of their roommate’s delicious, sugary food. Even though there is a clear, bold writing of “AIDEN’S, DO NOT EAT,” the two girls stuff their face with his doughnuts and wash it down with his creamer.

    When Aiden comes back, he immediately notices the two girls cramming the food down their throats. The two girls squash him, bouncing their tremendous weight onto his tiny body.

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  • Fat Camp II

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    Wood and Fifi attend the most prestigious fat camp in the world. With strict counselors, they are guaranteed to be plumped up and fattened in no time. However, poor Fifi is worried that she hasn’t made weight for her weekly check.

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  • Be Our Personal Feeder

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    So, we…we want to ask you something. It’s a little unconventional, but we’ll just say it. Some of us more than others.

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  • 3 Fatties Body Comparison

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    After stuffing ourselves with a huge meal, Ivy, Wood, and I sit our fat asses on the couch. “I look so fat right now,” I say, sitting up and looking at my mini fat rolls.

    “You think that is fat. “I mean…you have to be at least twice the size of her,” Wood tells Ivy.

    Curious to see how big the girls really are to my growing, chubby body, I suggested we measure ourselves.

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  • My Pet Piggies

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    So, what should we do with them, darling. We could force-feed them, plump them up…they could be our little piggies. We’ll start off with some funnel feeding and a nice, sugary, weight gain shake.

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  • Ivy Davenport

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    With some extra time on her hands , Ivy relaxes on the couch before her date shows up. All dressed up and looking good, she’s excited to meet him, and when she hears him knocking, she hurries to get up.

    “Hang on, I’ll be there in a second,” she says, struggling to move her massive body from the couch. Unfortunately for Ivy, she can’t get up no matter how hard she tries.

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  • Our Growing Bellies

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    My two plump friends, Ivy and Wood, and I will be measuring our big, fat bellies for you. Our bodies are at completely different states: mine being a small, bulging, beginner belly, Ivy’s huge SSBBW belly, and Wood’s perfectly round belly.

    After measuring our growing bellies, we sit down to compare what they look like standing vs. Ivy’s enormous belly overflows to almost her knees, mine bulges over my panties, and Wood’s big belly rests on her lap.

    We pinch, jiggle, and smack our bellies to compare how they move.

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  • The Fat Progression

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    We get it. My fat friends Wood and Ivy want to show you exactly what happens when you start gaining. You end up like me, with a small, bulging belly that hangs over your underwear, tiny rolls, and a slight double chin.

    But what about if you keep going.

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  • Fat SSBBW Ivy Davenport

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    Ivy wants to talk to you about her big, fat, sex life, and all the ways that sex has changed since she’s gained weight. She explains how her growing, big belly has become an obstacle. Even getting up on all fours takes her a minute.

    Even something as simple as getting on top becomes a challenge for a partner.

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  • SSBBW Jiggle with Ivy Davenport

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    Ivy smiles softly, her hands running down her huge, fat body. She shows off her tight shirt and plaid skirt, and then shakes her big ass. She shows off her big belly, and then jiggles her body, letting it ripple into waves.

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  • Ivy Davenport

    Sale! $8.99 $7.99 8:18

    She squeezes, rubs, and jiggles her huge, soft belly, letting it ripple into waves. She jiggles and smacks her thick thighs and calves, causing the fat to shake on her legs. Ivy giggles, showing you her chubby fingers and fat toes.

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  • Ivy Davenport

    Sale! $8.99 $7.99 6:50

    Hoping to catch the last of the sun’s rays, she attempts to get on top of her inflatable donut. She tries to climb back on, but struggles as her massive weight pulls her down. Ivy swims slowly towards the other inflatable, huffing, as her big body pushes through the water.

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