Jane Colburn

  • Jane Colburn

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    My big belly hangs over my pants, and it’s only going to get bigger, bigger, and bigger. I want to be bigger…I want more. I’m just going to keep eating and getting fatter.

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  • Jane Colburn Bloated Girl

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    Jane is excited to find some of her old shirts from high school in a pile of clothes. “I wonder if they still fit,” she says, putting one of the shirts up to her body. “I can’t wear this out anymore.” On top of having a now pudgy, soft belly, she notices she has love handles.

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  • Fat Like Us

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    So, you wanna be fat like us. We got you some treats to help speed up the process if you’re serious about gaining. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have a big, soft, fluffy stomach…even bigger than ours.

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  • We’re Fatter!: 2 Girls Compare Their Bigger Bodies, Fat Chat, & Weigh-In

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    My new friend, Jane, and I hadn’t weighed ourselves in a few months. I felt like I had gotten a little fatter because I had a pooch that hung over my panties, and Jane was positive that she had gained some weight as well.

    Both of our bellies were jiggly, so we decided it was time to hit the scale. After we both weighed ourselves, it was no surprise why we looked so much bigger–we both had packed on some extra pounds.

    We compared our fatter bodies to one another.

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