Leilani Lei

  • Pussy Whipped

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    My way of punishing my son may be unconventional, but I mean well. He’s lazy, messy, and disrespectful, but he knows I won’t tolerate it.

    I came home to finish some reports with my colleague, Leilani, only to find my son making a disgusting mess on the couch. Leilani was dumbfounded, but this was his usual punishment.

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  • Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

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    Fifi is a webcam model without her mom’s knowledge. Excited, Fifi pats the bed and tells her to come sit down.

    “And people are tipping us, so we’re making money!” Fifi explains to her mom. Mom shyly waves at the camera, and after a few seconds, one of Fifi’s chat room members wants a private.

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  • Smoking Family: Mom Teaches Daughter How to Smoke

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    Leilani and her daughter, Fifi, are relaxing outside on a sunny day. Before Leilani lights up, she offers a cigarette to her daughter that’s never smoked before. Fifi declines, but when Mom peer pressures her into doing it, telling her it’ll make her “cool,” Fifi gives in.

    Leilani lights up her daughter’s cigarette and begins teaching her how to smoke properly.

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  • An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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    In an attempt to treat her stress, Fifi has decided to go to Dr. Lei takes Fifi back into her room, she is baffled to see a bed with four restraints. Lei smiles, explaining to her patient that, with the help of her little device, she will experience an orgasm or a number of orgasms that will help release her stress.

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  • Shut Up!

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    It was a relaxing, lazy day, so Mom and I spent most of it playing a game of solitaire. “Mom, can you get me a drink?” my brother shouted from inside his room. After we couldn’t stand it anymore, Mom had an idea to get back at him.

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  • Frozen Family

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    I could hear them fighting in the other room. My mom and sister always got into heated arguments about stupid stuff. I started to pose and manipulate their limbs, making them do silly gestures to one another as if they liked each other.

    I was able to do whatever I wanted.

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  • Mom’s Perfect Feet

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    After an exhausting day, Mom plops down on the couch. She smiles as she notices you staring at her beautiful feet in her new, green flip-flops. She wiggles, spreads, and scrunches her purple painted toes.

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  • Family Double Footjob

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    My brother, Aiden, and I have a secret relationship. And before you ask, no…our mom has no idea. “Feet, huh.

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  • Classical Conditioning

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    Day 1 – My Sister

    I’m at the top of my class. Surely there must be some way to train someone’s brain the way we want.

    I called for my sister, and when she walked in, rang the bell (unconditioned stimulus). After an embarrassing, failed attempt, she started calling for my mom, and I panicked.

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  • Mom’s Aching Feet

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    After a long day of work, my feet are aching. “Hey son, you home?” I holler at my sweet boy. He’s always so eager to help me relax, and he doesn’t mind giving me a nice foot massage.

    While he was pressing his fingers softly into my soles, I saw him secretly sniff them.

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  • Drunk Mom & Sister Share Your Cock

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    You are about to shut your eyes when you hear a hard slam against your bedroom door. Your mom and sister stagger in, giggling to themselves in a drunken manner.

    “Guys, I’m trying to sleep. Before you can react, she slides her hand over your hard cock.

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  • Money Hungry Whores

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    “Hey, son…I need to have a talk with you,” Mom’s tone was serious as she sat down on the couch with me. My sister had barged into my room, begging for money to go out with her friends. “Well then, I guess you guys are going to suck my cock,” I said.

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