Luna Dawn

  • The Alternative Solution

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    The Alternative Solution

    Rather than go to class, Luna and Nyxon have been skipping to go smoke behind the school building. After being given detentions every day and their attitudes not changing, the principal decides he better have a stern talk with them if they want to get through the year. “Alright, girls – do you know why I called you in here today?” Mr.

  • Too Much, Too Fast

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    Too Much, Too Fast

    Nyxon and her friend, Luna, laugh obnoxiously after downing a whole bottle of Jägermeister. After seeing the empty, green, glass bottle on the nightstand, Aiden decides he better take some good pictures in case he wants something in the future. He slings the girls around like rag dolls, manipulating and moving their limbs, moving their heads from side to side, laying their bodies on top of one another, and groping their perky tits.

  • Double Trouble

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    Double Trouble

    Nyxon and her best friend, Luna, are enjoying a nice, relaxing girl’s day – that is until Aiden, Nyxon’s brother, plops down on the couch between them. Aiden coughs and gags while the girls laugh, “Oh god, sis – your shoe stinks.”

    Joining in on the fun, Luna takes off her heel and presses it against Aiden’s face, which causes him to be even more grossed out. “Is that what love smells like?” Aiden struggles for air, overwhelmed with the horrendous scent of their shoes.

    They go back and forth making him smell their shoes, and then get an even better idea of rubbing their bare feet all over his face.