Miss Gia Love

  • Secretary with Big Tits Gets Out of Work

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  • Body Control Device Makes Gia Love Give Boss a Handjob

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  • Sleeping Sisters

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    It’s getting late and sisters, Gia and Fifi, are getting ready for bed. “Hey, Aiden…something’s going on with Gia and Fifi, I can’t wake them up,” Nicky says to his brother. The two brothers decide to go together to check up on their sisters.

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  • Miss Gia Love – Son’s Birthday Titjob

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    “Happy Birthday to you,” Mom sings as she enters her son’s bedroom. A big smile runs across Aiden’s face when he hears Mom singing, and he opens his eyes to see what she has planned. “Because you’re getting older, and I see that you’re interested in girls and, well…tits, I thought I would give you a really special birthday present this year.” She continues to tell her son that, as his present, he gets to not only rub the lube onto her big chest, but he also gets to fuck them as well.

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  • Step Sister Surprise

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    Gia flirts with her boyfriend on the couch, her hands softly running against his crotch. “Well, I thought we could try something different this time.”
    Ever since Nicky got comfortable and open with his new girlfriend, he’s been experimenting with certain role-plays that stem from his past – taboo ones, at that. Gia lets out a giggle, well-aware of how nervous her boyfriend is, but Nicky’s sister, Fifi, seems okay with everything.

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  • Mom Drains Son Before Date

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    You’re getting dressed up, huh?” Mom said walking into your bedroom. “I’ve always liked this one,” she continued, picking up your light green button-down shirt. Naturally she was curious – where were you going, who were you seeing, why were you getting all dressed up.

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  • The Curvy, Busty, Limp Neighbor

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    “Come in!” Aiden hollers out at the person knocking on his front door. His busty, gorgeous neighbor, Gia, walks inside with a handful of his mail. “Oh hey – I got some of your mail, so I decided to come over here and give it to you,” she says handing him the stack.

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  • The Family Reunion

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    Mom was hosting the big family reunion at the house and everyone was there. “Were your cousins teasing you?” she begin to say. “Ever since they got those…you know, the big tits that run in our family, they’ve been wearing overbearingly revealing clothing.

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  • The Contest

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    This is a custom video. This is a very fun, cute, and silly video – the girls had a lot of fun, and had great chemistry!

    The scene opens with Catherine and Gia standing and discussing how a HUGE fetish client wants to order a bunch of custom videos, but the catch is he only needs one of them to appear in the videos and can’t decide between them, so he wants them to do a video that’ll function as an audition to help him choose.They mention that he likes three fetishes – wedgies, camel toe, and wet and messy, so they need to showcase each in the audition video. This will continue until one of them has won 7 rounds, and the ultimate loser also gets a special extra wet and messy punishment at the end.They both gloat about how they’re going to win, and take time to say friendly but competitive things like “this ass doesn’t know quit” and “you think this butt can’t take it,” all the while showing off their butts to the camera, including while in close up.

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  • Gia Love

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    Gia is ecstatic when she gets off the phone – she’s got an unexpected date. It’s been forever since she’s gone out, so she happily searches through her drawers for something nice to wear. Her big belly bulges and her fat butt pops out.

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  • Dreaming of Girls

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    I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had a ki.ller headache, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. My last solution was to lie down, take a nap, and hopefully wake up feeling better.

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  • Your Girlfriend’s Bigger, Fatter Body

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    Your girlfriend, Gia, smiles sweetly at you as she rummages through the closet trying to find something to wear. Unfortunately, it’s taking her a while because she can’t decide on what to wear. Everything I wear…it just makes me feel so FAT.” She notices that her thighs have gotten thicker, her chest is bigger, and that she has fat popping out from her skirt.

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