Miss Quin

  • Embarrassed Naked Female – Girl Initiation by Sorority Girls ENF

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    Enrolling in a new university can be overwhelming, so Fifi has taken the initiative to try to become part of a sorority. When she arrives at the sorority’s packed party, the girls are already drunk. She shyly asks to sit down, and when she introduces herself, the girls start to make fun of her name.

    “That’s, like, a do.g’s name,” one of the sorority girls says.

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  • Pet or Snack?

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    “Fuck, I dropped my earring, and I have no idea where it went,” Fifi’s panicked voice echos as she paces back and forth. It’s a little diamond,” she asks her friends.

    Living in a house full of giant women, you’ve made sure to make a secret, safe place for yourself underneath their couch. Unfortunately, while dodging Fifi’s big fingers, you’ve accidentally exposed yourself.

    “What is that under there?” Qandisa asks, and suddenly now you’re in front of five beautiful giantesses.

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  • How I Became Her

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    I suppose you could say I’m awkward. Don’t get me started on my obsession with Harley Quinn. That’s me.

    There’s another other side of me, though.

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  • Maneaters: Watch Out Boy, She’ll Chew You Up

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    “Do you have any idea why you’re here?” the blond asks. Why on earth would five beautiful women put out an ad looking for a lonely, boring guy like you. “That women are superior…”

    “And that we eat things like you MEN…pathetic men…for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” she explains.

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