Olivia Kasady

  • Broken Remote Control Causes Brother & Sister to Switch Bodies

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    “Ugh, come on – this show is so boring!” Olivia pouts to her brother, Aiden. Rather than compromise and change the channel, Aiden decides to turn up the volume instead, which only infuriates his sister more. What the fuck!?” Aiden is now in Olivia’s body, and Olivia is in her brother’s.

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  • Olivia Kasady fucks you POV virtual sex: Be My First, Daddy

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    “Daddy, I really need to talk to you,” your daughter, Olivia, said awkwardly. “I’m so nervous.” She sat on the bed, her hands anxiously running up and down her arms, before she spoke again. “I don’t know if I should talk about it, it’s really weird, and I – I’m so insecure about it.”
    You were confused – what could she possibly be getting at.

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  • Daddy, Impregnate Me

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    “Daddy, I missed you so much,” your daughter, Olivia, said sweetly to you. It was wrong, especially in the way that she meant it. Just the thought alone made you sick to your stomach, and now the way she looked at you with her soft, blue, crystal eyes made you feel so old and dirty.

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  • Sister Handjob – Olivia Kasady Gives Brother Aiden Valentine a HJ

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    Aiden browses the internet for the perfect porno to masturbate to. Once he finds one, he lets lose, but it’s only for a few seconds before his older sister walks in to ask a favor. “Are you jerking your cock!?” Aiden’s jaw drops, and the only thing he can think to do is lie, although it’s obvious what he was doing.

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  • Olivia Kasady – Sis Fucks Brother POV Virtual: Birth Control Side Effects

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    “I fucking hate taking this bulls#it,” Olivia says to herself. “It’s making me so moody, and so…horny.” Your younger sister just started taking birth control, and the pills have had not only a mental effect on her, but a physical one as well. Unfortunately, however, no matter how many times she masturbates and how many times she gets off, she remains horny, and is desperate to get rid of the overwhelming feeling.

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  • The Neighbor’s Accidental Brainwash

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    Aiden has a crush on the beautiful blond that just moved in next door. After having some small talk outside, he’s finally built up enough courage to invite her inside. “That’s a computer part, I’m guessing?” she continues.

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