Payton Hall

  • The Viagra Mix-up

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    “Honey, I need you to get up,” Mom said barging into your room. “Hurry.”
    You slowly took it from her hand, put it into your mouth, and swallowed it. “I’ll be back, get up,” she said.

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  • Step Son Helps Impregnate Mom

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    “Hey,” Mom said rubbing her son’s arm, “there’s something I want to talk to you about.” She had a concerned look on her face as she down on Aiden’s bed. She explained that Dad was about to get fixed, and even though she wanted to have another k1d, he was done. “Have you talked to him about it?” he asked, but Mom had – multiple times, actually.

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  • Family Night Foot Fetish Confessions

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    Mom, daughter, and son all relax on the couch watching TV together. “You should rub my feet,” Mom says to her son, Nicky, and plops her tiny, size 6 feet on his lap. Since Mom always has someone giving her a foot massage, it’s not a big deal, but when Nicky starts doing it, his sister, Fifi, notices he’s really into it.

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  • The Family Remedy for Sleepwalking

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  • Mom’s New Job

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  • Accidental Body Swap Mom and Son Sex

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    “Fuck, you have my dick! I want it back!” Aiden hollers, and Mom is upset to see that her son is now in control of her entire body – boobs, pussy…all of it. They realize how ridiculous they look in their regular clothes, so they split up to find something more appealing for their new bodies.

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  • Pussy Whipped

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    My way of punishing my son may be unconventional, but I mean well. He’s lazy, messy, and disrespectful, but he knows I won’t tolerate it.

    I came home to finish some reports with my colleague, Leilani, only to find my son making a disgusting mess on the couch. Leilani was dumbfounded, but this was his usual punishment.

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  • My Niece is an Escort!?

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    Payton is a business woman who frequently stays at a hotel away from her husband. After having a couple glasses of wine, she picks up the phone and calls an escort agency. A few hours later, her escort, Fifi, knocks on the glass door, and Payton sweetly says, “It’s open, babe, come in.” Fifi closes the door behind her, and when she turns around, sees her aunt looking back at her.

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  • Pornstar Mommy: Making Mom My Whore

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    “What about my mom?” I asked, talking to my friend on the other line. He had to be fucking kidding me. My mom was way conservative, she was on the PTA…she wouldn’t do anything like that.

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  • The 2 Girl Pie Party

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    Fifi is the maid to an extremely wealthy, ill-mannered woman. Because Payton is having a huge party, she’s asked Fifi to bake her 48 pies for her guests. Payton ignores her request, and instead, blows smoke into her face from her cigarette.

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  • Stuck at His Disposal

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    Please select “preview” underneath the GIF to see the HD quality of the video. I heard my mom call for me from inside the kitchen. Are you hard?” I asked him.

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  • Mom’s Erotic Photoshoot: Spread Eagle Edition

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    This clip offers a very intimate, sensual, and erotic moment between mother and son. I’ve been a single mom ever since the divorce with my husband. Now that he was older, I felt like it was time for me to get back into the swing of things.

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