Reenaye Starr

  • SSBBW Tries On Tight Clothes

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    With a long day ahead of her, Reenaye sits up to get ready. Eager to show off in front of her friends, she has picked out an old pair of cute shorts and a small top to wear. She tries to shift each side inch by inch, but it’s impossible to get it over her soft belly.

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  • SSBBW Stuck In The Tiny Shower

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    With a bigger, heavier body, Reenaye has a hard time getting through the doorways. She has to turn her body to the side, sliding and squeezing until she finally makes her way through. She looks at the thin shower, “Am I even gonna fit in there?” She shifts and re-positions her soft body several times, but has a hard time getting herself into the tiny shower.

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  • Force-Feeding for a Fatty Boyfriend

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    Reenaye thinks she’s found the perfect guy. When he unlocks his door, he is greeted by Reenaye, who then spins his body around and chl0roforms him. She unbuttons his shirt, “I know you said I was too fat to date you, but I figured if we’re both fat, then we can date, right?”

    She fantasizes about making his body huge and immobile, “Look at you, you’re making a mess.

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  • Fat Camp

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    Here at Fat Camp, we guarantee 100% fat satisfaction. I called her name, and she excitedly exclaimed she was ready. Her round belly showed underneath her shirt, and she was positive she made weight.

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