Rose Black

  • No…You’re Fatter!: 2 Girls Compare Their Bigger Bodies

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    “Are you gaining weight?” she asked. Did she see that big belly in front of her. If she was going to try and fat-shame me, I was going to do it to her too.

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  • Drunk with Cum: An Impregnation Fantasy

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    When you decided to go out to the bar, the last thing you expected was to bring home two drunk girls. After a long night of drinking, you invite the stumbling blond and brunette back to your place. Yeah, where your stomach is really big.” She continues to drunkenly say, “Do you think you could maybe cum inside of me?”

    The blond spreads her legs, “Pleaaaaase.

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  • Hot Girl Weight Gain

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    After picking out the perfect outfit, she struggles to squeeze into a pair of tan pantyhose. “That’s really tight,” she says, getting the material right underneath her belly. Her big belly rolls over the waistband as she continues to pull it up.

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