Shelby Paris

  • Family Affair: Brother Has Secret Relationship with Both Sisters

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    I had it good…real good. I mean, it wasn’t like they were from different schools. They were my sisters, and I was in love with both of them.

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  • The Blackmail Party

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    I knew my sisters were up to something. Mom and Dad were out for the weekend, and I heard them planning a big party. I thought I’d fuck with them a little bit, “Oh, you and your friends are going to be drinking, huh?” She didn’t find the conversation to be entertaining, but I continued to record her as she went on and on about her party.

    Finally annoyed, she and my other sister tried to snatch the phone from me, but before they could get to it, I sent an email to myself with the video, and then locked my phone.

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  • Threesome With My Two Step Sisters

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    They were drunk again. My sisters, Fifi and Shelby, had come back from the bar, and were obnoxiously smacking against the bathroom walls. I could hear them giggling, talking about how much they drank, and then heard my sister v0miting into the toilet.

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  • Truth or Dare

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    Truth or Dare. It started off as innocent fun. My sister, Shelby, and I were laughing as we told each other about the older men that we crushed on, or the neighbor boy that we undressed in front of.

    It was cute, it was sweet…until my annoying brother came in.

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  • The Viagra Prank

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    It was supposed to be a stupid, silly prank…that’s all. I had stolen one of Dad’s Viagra pills, and thought it would be hilarious to slip it into my brother’s drink. And what if his teacher was a woman.

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