Dental Hygienist Teaches Rude Patient To Behave




Aiden sits in the waiting room of a dental office, flipping aimlessly through a magazine as he listens for his name to be called. When he sees the attractive dental hygienist, Fifi, that will be working on his teeth, he gets excited, and eagerly follows her back into the exam room. She tells him to get comfortable, and shows him a chart of his teeth, explaining to him exactly what she will be doing. With the procedure understood, she shapes a surgical mask over her nose, and puts on protective glasses. When Fifi turns around for her latex gloves, Aiden grabs her ass with both of his hands. “Sir, can you please keep your hands to yourself?” She turns back around, and he smacks her ass. More than irritated, she tells him she’s trying to maintain professionalism, and then continues to fit her hands into white, latex gloves.

Fifi gets over top of her patient, but as she reaches for her instruments, Aiden quickly pulls down her top, and squeezes her chest. She tries hard to contain herself, and pushes his hands back, trying to ignore his degrading actions. As she begins his examination, she becomes more upset, and is soon torturing her patient with instruments. She giggles as he shrieks in pain, and when he closes his mouth, she pulls out something to pry it open. The hygienist wedges a ring gag into his mouth, and continues to torture his teeth, causing further pain. “Sensitive back there, isn’t it?… Stay still… You don’t want me to hurt you any more, do you?” She cleans her tools off on him, and switches between instruments, shoving each into his mouth. She changes into blue, latex gloves, and continues to giggle at his every suffering.

Satisfied at his dismay, she puts on some clean white, latex gloves, “Just relax… The bad part is done. I’ll be nice… Now, darling, if you were horny, all you had to do was tell me. But groping my ass and my chest just isn’t going to work. It’s rude… Always be respectful.” The hygienist pulls down Aiden’s pants, revealing his hard cock, and runs her gloved hand up and down the shaft. She twists, and plays with his pre-cum, softly running her fingertips against him. After a few minutes, she reveals her perky chest, and strokes his cock between her tits.

After a while, Fifi removes her surgical mask, letting it hang off of one ear, and runs her tongue across the head. She continues to slide her tongue up the shaft, and sensually sucks on his cock. She runs her mouth up and down, speeding up before she stops to remove her gloves. The dental hygienist then runs her bright pink nails across his stomach, inner thighs, and shaft, slowly massaging his head with her fingertips. Before getting him off, she puts on another pair of tight, latex gloves, and then sucks and jerks him until he cums in her mouth. She plays with the cum in her mouth, and then swallows it, licking her fingers clean. “I suggest making another appointment to get those molars checked out.”

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Dental Hygienist Teaches Rude Patient To Behave