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Replacing My Wife With a Replicant




I love my wife, but we just fight so much! Last night again she wants to talk about “her feelings.” That’s great and all, but when it’s sexy time I mean business. Why does it always have to be an argument?

I’d finally had enough — it was time to replace her. After she went to bed that night I called Clark Enterprises and ordered a replicant of her… and she’s amazing. Looks just like my wife, I can’t believe it. Delivered right to my door and free shipping. How great is that?

Her ass feels the same — so do her breasts. Time to see what this fembot can really do. I asked for a glass of water, and she follows my orders perfectly. We’re in business. Next, I told her to give me a blowjob. She drops down to her knees, looks up a me, looks down a my cock…

Malfunction!” Crystal’s eyes start fluttering as her unit malfunctions. “Malfunction… Error.”

Time to slow things back down for a minute so she doesn’t overheat and break. I give her a couple more orders, then my eyes catch her butt as she’s wiping down the counter. I tug on the strings of her leopard print bikini and it falls away, exposing her bare ass. I order her to masturbate. “Okay Master, order received!” She hops on the counter and starts rubbing her clit. “Aren’t you going to pull out your cock Master?”

I was about to pull out my cock, but then.. “Malfunction… malfunction.” Her arms jar around jaggedly as her circuitry begins malfunctioning again. She drops to the floor and her eyes flutter. “Reboot required!” Then her head drops down and eyes close for good. She’s broken, and so is my heart.

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Replacing My Wife With a Replicant


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