I Woke Up In a Woman’s Body


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The last thing I remember — I went to the bathroom, took my clothes off, and got in the tub. I took a quick look around; perhaps I just nodded off. My feels chest is so heavy, I look down and there they are, breasts and a pussy.

I scream so loud I scare myself . “Why do I sound like that?” I look back down at myself and try to calm down. “This can’t be happening… I’m gonna close my eyes.” I shut my eyes tightly and pinch my arms hair. “Okay, this is real.”

I start exploring my new body by rubbing my pussy. “No wonder girls do this.” I take my fingers and jam them down my throat to get them nice and wet. I insert my fingers up inside me as far as I can.

“I wonder if I’ll find my penis up there?”

I rub my pussy faster and harder than before and let out a moan. “I wonder if I can spit on it it like I do my cock.” Bullseye! Then I use my spit as lube while I rub my tight pussy.

I’m liking this new body… I don’t know if I’ll change back into a guy, but I love being a woman!

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2 reviews for I Woke Up In a Woman’s Body

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    baconmale943 (verified owner)

    Don’t buy it it’s a waste of money the download link is broken. Also the help center is too…

    • Aiden Valentine

      Hi, thank you for your feedback. I have fixed the download link for this video. All you need to do is login to your account, then go to the “My Downloads” page to see all your available downloads.

      Don’t hesitate to email me if you need additional help. My email is: [email protected]

      Also, if you could adjust your star rating to reflect the video itself, it’d be really helpful to other fans.

      Thank you for supporting our studio, enjoy!

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I Woke Up In a Woman’s Body

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