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Side-Chick Possessed By Guy’s Wife




Producer’s Note: I spent a great deal of time doing the special FX and sound design for this clip. It’s very immersive. Enjoy!

Aiden is getting ready for a job interview — at least that’s what he told his wife. He buttons his shirt up and heads for the door where he’s stopped by his wife. “How do I look?” He says. She tucks in the collar to his shirt; he gives her a kiss and leaves.

Kitana walks over to his desk and sees his cell phone. “Hey, you forgot your phone.” Suddenly it go off in her hand. Some girl is texting him. He’s not going to a job interview, he’s meeting a girl for sex.

Kitana has the opportunity to get back at her cheating husband. She knows if she can catch him in the act, and prove he’s being disloyal, then she can get a nice divorce settlement.

Jade Madison, or so it says in his contacts, is freshening up in the bathroom when her phone starts ringing. Jade looks down to see who’s calling, it’s “Aiden”. She picks up, but this time Kitana is on the other end — she’s not happy. The moment Jade touches the speaker to her ear, something strange happens. Kitana transfers herself through the phone and enter’s Jade’s body.

Entering The Matrix

Jade jolts back and her body trashes violently as she’s possessed by Aiden’s wife. Kitana’s body flows from one device out to the other, then into Jade. Both their phones hit the ground, and Jade falls over. The world goes dark for them both.

Kitana’s vision is extremely blurry. The tile floor is cold on her body. “It worked.” She looks down to reveal she’s in some big-breasted bimbo‘s body. She walks over to the mirror to put a face to her new body. She closely examines this girls boobs, butt, lips

Quickly she gets ready, Aiden is supposed to be here soon. She walks into Jade’s bedroom to find a suitable outfit to wear. Something scantly clad should do the trick. She finds the smallest tops, and the shortest shorts in this girl’s wardrobe to try on. It’s a sparkly blue sequin halter top. The front tie pushes her boobs up high. Maybe it’s a bit too much.

She tries on a second outfit, then Kitana finds a pink black of Jade’s high heels to try on. She stands up and her legs begin to shake. It’s so much harder when your in someone else’s body. She takes a step and falls back onto the bed. She puts on a pink pair of heels, kicks her legs up in the air and takes a second to admire them. These should work. She leaps off the bed and falls flat on the floor.

Her husband shows up to meet with Jade — who is now possessed by Kitana. She drills him with a few unusual questions about his wife. He quickly changes the subject. She strips her top off then lays back and plays with her pussy. She masturbates for him and talks dirty. She fucks him POV in missionary and doggystyle, then he cums on her tits.

“Who the fuck did I marry?”

3.5/5 (15 Reviews)

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Side-Chick Possessed By Guy’s Wife


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