Unexpected Weight Gain: My New Bikini Body




I’m so glad to be off work. It’s the perfect day to go swimming, and I get to show off my bikini body. I need to get out of these tight pants.. Oh my god, no wonder they’re so tight! How did I not notice this? I must have shrank them in the washing machine. There’s no way they could be this tight. It’s just, like… bulging out. It looks like I have love handles or something. No, no, no–they’re just too tight because I shrank them. I’m still going to have a rockin’ bikini body.

Alright, I haven’t worn these since last year. These kinda feel tight… Do I need to loosen these up? I feel like my ass is just, like, sticking out of them… Maybe I just have a bigger ass? Yeah, yeah… Feels kinda bouncy. God, my ass is really big now. I still look pretty good… What the hell? My chest is bulging out of this. I don’t think I can wear this… Well, bigger ass, bigger chest–can’t hurt, right? Oh no, oh gosh–it wasn’t my pants, it’s me. Did I gain weight?… Where did this come from? Haven’t I been sticking to my diet?… Oh my gosh, I’ve been eating pizza every day for the last year… and pop… See, maybe it’s not so bad if I suck it in… I can’t walk around like that. Let me see, if I just sit down… maybe no one will notice. I have rolls!? I can see the rolls.

…Well, you know, that’s not so bad. Kinda feels nice, honestly. Mmm… I don’t know why that feels good. It just feels good to let loose… I can just eat whatever I want. I can even play with it. And my chest is so much bigger. Look at how sexy they are!… They look sexy just bulging out of my bikini. God, I look sexy. My ass feels so big, and so squishy!… That feels so good… not having to suck in all the time. I think I’m going to just keep gaining weight. This feels good. I can eat whatever I want, I still look sexy, and my chest is so much bigger. I feel so good! Oh, I can’t wait to go to the pool now, and show off my nice, big body!

Includes: Bikini season. New bikini body from petite to unexpected big, bouncy ass, bulging chest, and huge, bloated, chubby stomach/belly. Discovering weight gain, stomach rolls, squishy stomach, bigger ass and chest. Letting loose, and feeling sexy in new, big, beautiful body.

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Unexpected Weight Gain: My New Bikini Body