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Mombot Lost Her Remote Control To Her Son




You’re in your mom’s room trying to watch some late night television. Mommy is nowhere to be found. You look for the remote to turn on a show. Bingo… it’s on the nightstand. Wait a minute, there’s two of them. You grab one and try to turn on the TV.

Nothing. You press the power button again. Nothing. That’s strange.

Just then your mom comes into the room. She sees you on the bed, then panics. She immediately points out the remote in your hand, and offers you the other one. She doesn’t want you to have this one. She demands you hand it to her right now. But why? What does it do?

You press the big red button. Mom’s facial expression drops, and the remote control falls out of her hand. “Hello User.” You press one of the other buttons. “Strip Mode Engaged.” You mom sensually strips out of her red evening dress to reveal her white bra and panties. She flaunts and teases for you — your mom puts on quite the show. You press another button and she changes into another outfit. Something a little sexier — a purple lace one-piece.

Another click of the remote control and she’s talking dirty to you. She tells you to pull out your cock and stroke for her. She teases you with her body some more. Her big tits burst of of her lingerie and she sticks them in your face. You mom is really laying it on thick, you can’t resist hitting more button.

You press another button — and she starts sucking you cock. Just like that! She’s completely under your control, it’s a good thing you found her special remote. Your life is about to change forever with your new found powers.

So many buttons, so little time. You press another one — she pauses to register the command. She hops onto your cock and starts riding you. Her big boobs bounce around with each thrust. Her hands run through her hair and she moans with pleasure. Suddenly, “Warning: core temperature rising.” she says. She stutters some other phrases out, clearly it’s straining her CPU — or some computer part. I’m not a computer guy, or whoever builds these things. She keeps riding, even though she continues to malfunction a bit. She keeps repeating that her core temperature is riding.

You click the remote again, and she tells you to fuck her as she lays on her back. You climb on top of her body, stick your cock in, and go at it. Her pussy feels so real for being a fembot. It’s just like the real thing. Your pleasure is once again interrupted with sounds of her stuttering out warnings. She seems to be getting worse, but you’re so close to cumming. You continue to thrust your dick in her, ignoring her warnings. Her arms and head jerk around as you reach orgasm. You cum inside her. It’s too late for her, she overheats and malfunctions for a minute.

Finally she closes her eyes — her body seems lifeless. She doesn’t respond to your attempt to wake her. You hopelessly try to mash buttons on one remote, then the other remote. Nothing works. She’s… broken. Mom?

3.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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Mombot Lost Her Remote Control To Her Son


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