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Failed Experiment Causes Gender Transformation Of Scientist Into A Woman




Aiden is a scientist whose frustration, loneliness, and desperation has caused him to spend all of his time inside of a laboratory. He works restlessly, trying to figure out the perfect combination of chemicals to create a pheromone that will enhance his sexual appeal. If everything goes according to his calculations, this formula, once ingested, will drive women crazy, making them beg for his undivided sexual attention. Aiden is excited at the possibilities, and although his energy keeps him motivated, his fatigue starts to affect his clarity. He begins forgetting which test tube is a reactant, and which is the catalyst. Assuming he is correct with his guess, he pours the blue chemical into the red, and it causes a huge explosion.

Aiden coughs from the smoke, trying to wave it out of his face, and looks at the solution. “Oh gosh, I don’t think that worked…” He sets the solution into the rack, “Oh god, I’m so tired.” He pauses, putting his hand onto his throat, “I’m so tire-…” The scientist listens to his voice, noticing the dramatic change. He quickly takes off his mask, sets it aside, and repeats the same phrase. Concerned with what he’s hearing, he tries to cough and clear his voice, but it remains the same. “Is something wrong with me? Am I… Am I going mad? Am I THAT tired? Is this hysteria?” Knowing something isn’t right, he takes off his goggles, and notices his small hands. “Could it… Could it be? No… No. Should I look?” He touches his long hair with his hands, and then instantly becomes excited by his accidental gender transformation. “Oh my god! This is wonderful. This is fascinating. Have I completely changed into a woman?”

He argues with himself, trying to decide if he should go any further, and then begins unbuttoning his lab coat. Enthusiastic about exploring a woman’s body, he convinces himself that he doesn’t need to worry about the pheromone, and finally reveals his chest through the shirt. “Look at how perky they are!” He shrieks with excitement, and squeezes them gently with his hands. He explores by looking down his shirt, and then reaches down to touch them. Aiden immediately throws off his lab coat and shirt, overwhelmed and excited, “No other scientist is going to believe this!” He stops to grope his chest again, and then begins playing with his nipples. “And they’re so sensitive!” He lets his hands move down until he reaches his crotch, “But… No, it’s definitely gone! It’s gone! There’s nothing to grab.”

Eager to see the beautiful pussy that’s taken its place, he unbuttons and unbuckles his pants, “But first…” He turns around and pulls down his boxers slowly, revealing a perfect, firm ass. He smacks it, shrieks, and then grabs it with both hands. Aiden instantly becomes turned on touching his own body, so he continues to reveal his new pussy. “I’ve never even see one in person.” He pulls his big lips, and then rubs the clit, moaning from pleasure. He sticks a finger inside, “It’s so wet!” He pulls it out, looks at all of the pussy juices on his finger, and then decides he can’t stop now.

Aiden moves all of his test tubes aside, puts his leg onto the desk, and then tries to figure out how many fingers he should use. He decides on one to start with, and then begins masturbating, exclaiming how good “she” feels. “How about two? I can do it… I can do it.” He masturbates with two fingers, pushing them hard and fast inside of his pussy, and then stops to taste the pussy juice. Even more turned on, he repositions himself on the desk, “Should I make her cum?” He pumps his fingers harder and faster, moaning louder, and then stops to notice how hot his moans sound. “Oh my god, that sounds so hot!… Is that me?” He questions how he will know when he is about to cum, but suddenly he feels something different, and he knows he is about to release. The scientist pants, “I have to taste it,” and licks the cum from his fingers. “You know, should I… I shouldn’t change this. I’ll change it later. I’m not done exploring it…”

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Failed Experiment Causes Gender Transformation Of Scientist Into A Woman

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