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The Ladies Man: Gender Swap Transformation




Male to Female Transformation

Aiden comes home after a rough night. His date left early, claiming she was sick, and now he’s wet from the storm outside. He struggles walking inside, tossing his broken umbrella aside, and walks upstairs. He talks to himself, still upset about his horrible night, and tries to figure out what it is about himself that keeps women distant. He undresses, getting more comfortable, and pulls out his phone to text his “sick” date. After a few text messages are exchanged, he finds out that she really has no interest on trying again, and continues to blow him off, telling him that he’ll never be a ladies man. Aiden doesn’t realize how socially awkward he really is, and when she points out that he’ll never understand what women want, he gets upset.

He gets up from the bed and sits at his computer, still beating himself up over his terrible luck with dating. He searches the internet for some advice, typing in “how to be a ladies man.” He clicks on a site that offers 7 ways to magically transform yourself into a ladies man, and begins reading it. Not quite satisfied, he browses for some more help, typing in “how to control a woman’s mind.” As he looks over a site, the storm gets worse, and the lights begin to flicker. He ignores it, commenting on what a shitty night it is, and it flickers again. Suddenly, the lightning strikes, causing a surge of electricity to shoot through the computer screen. It hits Aiden, streaming the data from the computer into him, and he struggles for a minute before falling back.

Gender Swap

After a minute or so, he opens his eyes, confused and disoriented. He directs his attention from the ceiling to his computer screen, and immediately recognizes that his voice sounds off. It’s higher, and it’s echoing from the electricity shock. His vision is blurry and distorted, but he tries to get himself together. When he puts his hand on the mouse, he is taken back from the glittery nails on his now much smaller hands. “What’s on my nails…? Is that glitter?” He pushes his computer chair back, getting up quickly, and looks down to see a completely different body. The electric surge has caused his gender swap, and he explores his new body. “Are those tits?” He squeezes his chest, commenting on how perky they are, and pulls down his shirt, examining his nipples. He pinches them, and is taken back by their sensitivity. “My voice… My voice is so high.” He pulls up his shirt, and then moves his hand down, afraid of what’s happened to his dick. “What about.. my dick. I don’t feel anything there. Oh, fuck! It’s gone. But… I wonder?” He pulls down his boxers, and examines his new pussy. Still shocked, he takes off his sock, and examines his new feet. “Oh my god… Am I fucking- Am I a fucking woman? Is my face the same?”

Panicked, he walks to his closet, opens the door, and looks into the mirror. “I’m fucking hot…” He touches his lips and eyelashes, then runs his fingers down his long hair. He takes his boxers off, and looks over his body. He squeezes his ass, smacks it, and moans, excited at how hot it sounds. Aiden is overwhelmed, happy to have such a nice, new tight body. Overjoyed, he laughs, and continues touching himself, “Is it weird if I’m, like, turning myself on? Fuck, is this really me?… Would it be fucked up if I touched myself? Like, got myself off?…”

He comments on how different it feels being horny as a woman, and then decides he needs to touch himself. Still overwhelmed by the gender swap, he rubs his clit, and relaxes, “God, I’m making myself so wet.” He tastes himself, licking his fingers, and then goes back uncontrollably, sticking his finger inside. “Oh god, it’s so tight.” He moves his fingers faster and deeper, and moans loudly, knowing he won’t last long. “I think I’m really close!… What’s that feeling? Am I about to cum?” He pants from exhaustion, and looks at his soaked fingers. He licks them clean, and giggles, touching his new body once again.

“I know what I’m going to do…” Aiden grabs his phone and begins texting his date from earlier. He brags, “My night turned out better than yours.” His date replies with a sarcastic and rude message, so he decides to show her what he means. He takes a picture of himself, and sends her the picture. “Guess I’m a ladies man after all.”

This Clip Includes: gender transformation, male to female transformation, gender swapm2f video.

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The Ladies Man: Gender Swap Transformation

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