Nyxon Frozen in Time and Taken Advantage Of




Aiden finds a gold pocket watch at the flea market. He got a good deal on it, the sellers didn’t know it was made of gold. They also didn’t know it’s true power — the ability to stop time.

He goes to his friend Nyxon‘s house to meet up with her. Aiden wastes no time showing off his shiny new pocketwatch. But he can’t get the darn thing open — it’s stuck. His friend thinks he got screwed over, but he’s convinced it’s worth something. He pries on it — but it doesn’t open. He finds a button on the side of it, presses it, and it pops open. With another push of the button, time stops. His friend Nyxon is completely motionless and unresponsive.

He presses the button again, and she becomes reanimated. Interesting. He uses this opportunity to perv on his friend. He gropes her big tits, undresses her, and poses her in different positions while she’s frozen. He’s excited about his new found powers, and taunts her by unfreezing and freezing her in different stages of undress.

Maybe he got a good deal on the watch after all.

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Nyxon Frozen in Time and Taken Advantage Of