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Stepdâughter Needs Her Filthy Mouth Cleaned: Mouthsoaping and BJ Punishment


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Fifi is late walking back from school. When she walks through the front door, she sees Stepd​â​d waiting for her on the couch. He tells her to come over, and then proceeds to ask where she’s been. Fifi lies, telling her Stepd​â​d that she’s been at a friend’s house, but he knows better. He confronts her, telling her that he got a call from the school saying she was in detention. She fidgets with her scarf, responding with an attitude, “Well, I guess if they called you and said I was in detention, then I was in detention.” When she finally admits to it, he asks her what she did. She responds, “I called Ms. Williams a bitch… Well, she was being a bitch, so I called her a bitch. And the whole class laughed, so…”

Stepd​â​d is immediately disgusted by his stepd​a​û​g​h​t​e​r’s foul language. He grabs her by the ear, and pulls her upstairs, telling her that she needs to wash out that filthy mouth. Once they’re in the bathroom, Fifi cops out more attitude, “What are we doing in the bathroom?” Stepd​â​d explains to her that she’s going to get a mouthsoaping for cursing. She hesitates, he then tells her to get a bar, and demands she begin mouthsoaping herself. She unwraps the soap, and then runs her tongue across it, immediately spitting into the sink because of the taste. She complains, but Stepd​â​d insists that she continue, so she runs her tongue across it again. After a few licks, Stepd​â​d gets fed up, and tells her to put the whole bar into her mouth. She obeys, but is upset, muffling out a “Fuck you!” Furious, Stepd​â​d yanks the soap out of her mouth, asking what she said, and she repeats “Fuck you.”

He grabs her by the ear, and jerks her into the hallway, demanding that she open her bedroom door. Fifi whines, but opens the door, and he pushes her inside. She looks up, completely pissed, “God, what’s your problem!?” Stepd​â​d tells her to take off her bookbag, then explains to her that she has a dirty mouth. He tells her she is going to use her filthy mouth like a whore does. Fifi gives Stepd​â​d a confused look, and he proceeds to explain that whores have filthy mouths because they’re always sucking cock. He drags her down to the floor, firmly gripping her ear, and orders her to take off his pants. Fifi is hesitant, but Stepd​â​d commands her to suck his cock. “That’s gross!” Stepd​â​d is strict, and eventually, Fifi obeys, and put his cock into her mouth.

He tells her she has to keep going until he gets off. Fifi whines, but he exclaims that this is her pun​î​shment. He further degrades her by having her remove her scarf, and then unbuttoning her shirt during the blowjob. She runs her mouth up and down Stepd​â​d’s cock, trying her hardest to please him. When he’s ready to cum, he tells her to open her dirty mouth, and she does so obediently. Stepd​â​d jerks his huge load into her mouth, and it dribbles out completely down her chin, falling onto her chin and chest. Fifi holds back her tears, “Stepd​â​d, I’m sorry,” and agrees to wash out her filthy mouth with another mouthsoaping.

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Stepdâughter Needs Her Filthy Mouth Cleaned: Mouthsoaping and BJ Punishment