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Body Swap Pills: Reina Has Her Body Hijacked By Husband




Aiden is sick of his job. His boss keeps harassing him, sending him into important meetings alone, and being an overall pain in his ass. He’s done with it. His wife Reina gets to sit at home all day while he busts his butt at work. It’s not fair.

The Old Switcharoo

Lucky for him his body swap pill finally came in the mail. He’s hatched a plan so that he never has to work again. He’s going to switch into his wife’s body. She’ll have to do his job, act like him, go into his job, and be the “man of the house” now. He’ll take over Reina’s responsibilities of sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, and taking out the trash. He’s gonna be living the good life now — once he’s in his wife’s body. He takes the body swap pill and drops it into his wife’s nighttime medication.

He calls for Reina, letting her know he’s home from work. They lay in bed and Aiden goes on about his hard day at work. He reminds her to take her medicine. She is unaware of his scheme to get out of work. She pops the cap, drops the pill in her hand, and takes it. Everything is going just as he planned. They quickly pass out for the night.

Reina wakes up first. She rubs her eyes and clears her voice. Her voice is deep — too deep. She looks down and see’s she’s wearing man clothes. Is this a dream? She looks over to see her own body staring back at her. She pinches her body to wake up — this isn’t a dream. She realizes she’s in her husbands body, and he’s in her body. No way! She wants her body back — now!

She’s suspicious of her husband, she knows he did something. But that’s not important, she just needs to switch back into their own bodies. Somehow. But first she really has to pee, so she runs off to the bathroom in his body. Letting her husband not to do anything with her body while they’re gone.

Finally, he’s got some alone time with his wife’s body. He wastes no time perving on his wife. It’s pretty sweet having his own pair of perky tits. He gawks and gropes and his new boobs. He looks down at his wife’s pussy, now’s his chance. While his wife is indisposed he decides to have some fun and masturbate. It’s only natural.

He lays on his back and rubs his clit. It’s a strange sensation, like rubbing the head of your dick — but stronger! Things heat up and he starts really going at it. Progressing from light rubbing to full on finger fucking his wife’s body. He’s gonna make sure she’s taken care of sexually — how could she even be mad about that? He moans and orgasms, luckily his wife is still gone. Just enough time to cum.

Suddenly his wife busts into the room. He didn’t have enough time to get dressed — he’s busted. She chews him out for perving at her body while she’s trying to figure out how to switch them back into their own bodies. But he’s got no interest in his own body anymore — he likes this body.

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Body Swap Pills: Reina Has Her Body Hijacked By Husband


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