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I Swapped Bodies With Stepm​ô​m!




It’s late, and Aiden is still browsing the internet. His stepm​ô​m enters his room, wrapping her arms around him lovingly, and tells him it’s getting late, and he has an early day tomorrow. She kisses him on the cheek, and even though he tries to buy some more time, she tells him he needs to get off the computer and lay down. She leaves the room, and Aiden gets up, stretches out, and pulls his comfy blankets over his head.

He twists and turns under the covers; something is changing.  After a long night, he sits up, yawning, and stretching out. As he stretches, he gasps as he sees a boob bulging from the side of his shirt. He quickly grabs the mirror by the bedside, panicked from his feminine gasp. When he looks into the hand mirror, he sees his stepm​ô​m as his reflection. “Oh my god. What happened? Oh, no. No, no, no. Oh my god. Stepm​ô​m? Stepm​ô​m!” He runs his nails across his lips, nose, and eyelashes, then pulls on his blond hair.

Still shocked, he goes to pull out his stepm​ô​m’s pajama pants, “But if I’m in stepm​ô​m’s body, what about… what about my dick? Oh, no…” He runs his fingers down to feel that his dick is no longer there, but instead, a pussy, and realizes he’s completely swapped bodies with his stepm​ô​m. “Oh god, it’s gone… Well, I guess– I guess it’s not that bad. I mean…” The body swap has completely taken him by surprise. He pulls up his shirt to reveal stepm​ô​m’s perky tits, and pinches his new nipples gently, causing them to get hard. “Oh, these feel really nice.” He squeezes and moves stepm​ô​m’s tits between his hands, overwhelmed by how they feel. He laughs as he licks his finger, and rubs his nipples over and over.

“…What about the rest of me?” He quickly takes off his stepm​ô​m’s pajama pants, panties, and shirt making him completely naked. He rubs her pussy gently with his finger, and then lays back on the bed. Intrigued by the body swap, he can’t help but touch his wet pussy. Even with the slightest touch, he’s on edge, but he continues to rub her clit. He moans loudly, “Oh god,” digging his fingers deep into her pussy. He licks the wetness on his fingers, and goes back to finger himself even more. He pants, breathing heavy, and pleasures himself until he cums all over his fingers.

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I Swapped Bodies With Stepm​ô​m!