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Sister Controlled By Remote, Stripped, and Embarrassed




Your big boobed older sister Nikki Brooks is in her bedroom snapping selfies of herself. How typical. She gets in an argument with her little sis because Nikki has been hitting on her sister’s boyfriend. Her little sister is pissed.

She takes out a remote control for a little payback. What to try first? I know, cluck like a chicken! She presses a button on the device and Nikki starts clucking. Words fail to come out of her mouth, only barnyard sounds.

She presses the remote again, this time telling Nikki to bark like a dog. And Nikki obeys. She’s saying something mean — in dog, but her barks fall onto deaf ears. She makes her sister sit there and humiliate herself in dog language. How sad, maybe she shouldn’t be hitting on other girls’ boyfriends. How about that?

Next Nikki is put on mute. Nikki is clearly upset at her little — but the words won’t come out. You see her mouthing all sorts of nasty stuff about her little sis. Good thing nobody can hear her! Haha. Meanwhile her sister taunts her, and her sad attempt at sign language.

Next she makes her sister strip off all her clothes — right in front of her. No mercy for man-stealing hoes. Nikki pulls her top off, she’s got no control over her own movements. She tries to resist but it’s pointless. Nikki’s hands grab her own shorts, unbuttons them, then removes them.

Nikki starts arguing with her sister.

“I hate you! You we’re a mistake anyway!”

Little sis doesn’t like that, not at all. She’s gotta be more vicious. What could she do to her sister? She conjours up a plan to embarrass her sister in front of everybody. Nikki is still completely exposed. She orders her to pick up her phone and take a bunch of naked selfies on her phone.

Now send them. And with that one little command the pics are sent out to her friends. Aww — how sad.

She order’s Nikki to spank herself, call their dad and confess to him that she fucked the neighbor boy. She’s gonna be grounded forever! That’s what you get sis!

Next time, think first before you act.

3.4/5 (5 Reviews)

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Sister Controlled By Remote, Stripped, and Embarrassed