Sleeping With Your Sister In Secret




You wake up next to your beautiful sister. She’s happy to finally be sharing a bed with you. She talks about how great it is finally being with you, sleeping with you, and how your family doesn’t have to know.

“Being brother and sister gives us an even stronger bond than any other couple. Don’t you agree?”

Your sister is horny and wants your hard cock inside her. She climbs on top of you and straddles you between her legs. She lifts up her shirt and sticks your cock in her.

“Can we sleep together every night? I don’t want to sleep alone ever again”

She rides your cock sensually.

“You fuck me better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had. Why would I want anyone else?”

She cums, then lays on her back for you to fuck her. You continue to fuck her in missionary while she talks about your guys future together. She wants you to be a good brother and cum inside her pussy. She wants to watch as you fill her up.

Friends may come and go, but family lasts forever.

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Sleeping With Your Sister In Secret