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Tongue Torment: 2 Girls Coat Victim’s Face With Their Slimy Tongues




“Well, look at what we have here…a fun, little toy all for us to play with.” Young Samantha smiles, moving the hair from her new, innocent victim’s face. She gently strokes his skin with her finger, and Sunny giggles, watching Aiden panic in his seat. He looks back and forth, afraid and helpless, and the two girls quickly notice his fear. The girls taunt him, exclaiming it would be a shame if his face got all messy and wet. After discussing what to do with poor Aiden, they decide to clean his face. Samantha grips his chin, holding it still, “I think I know exactly how we should clean it.” She runs her tongue in a full stride against Aiden’s face, and Sunny laughs, running hers against the other side. Aiden’s facial reactions make the girls laugh, “Oh, that face of horror!”

Samantha and Sunny take turns running their thick tongues against his face, leaving a trail of saliva with each lick. They continue to torment him, smiling, and he closes his eyes, afraid to move. Samantha runs her tongue all the way up to his forehead, and comments on his soaked hair. “You’re still not enjoying yourself….” They glaze his face, looking for any dry spots to cover with their spit. “You like being covered in our spit like that?” Sunny presses her tongue hard against Aiden’s skin, and his face shines with her saliva. He tries to endure it, but they keep going, drenching him even further. They giggle at the saliva drying on his face, and then leave him there, covered in their disgusting spit.

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Tongue Torment: 2 Girls Coat Victim’s Face With Their Slimy Tongues